Tuesday, June 30, 2020

RSC June 2020: Pink!

June's RSC color pick had me tickled pink!
I have plenty of pinks in my stash to get this challenge done 
and it was pure pleasure!

I'm not sure what kind of tree these blossoms were on in early May, 
but I took a photo because of the gorgeous pinks.  
The opened blossoms smelled luscious!

Another 24  9-patch blocks completed and added onto the 
dark green rows from May's RSC. 
The pinks seems to give a bit of cheer to the greens, don't they?

This quilt is going to be a BIG one with 4 more double rows added on. 
What was I thinking???

I'm getting this posted just in the nick of time before the second half of 2020 begins tomorrow! 

I'm sure hoping and praying this next half is a better one. 

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