Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Welcome To My House Blog Hop!

Welcome "home" to where Hazel's Daughter hangs out!

I am once again honored to be a part of a blog hop hosted by 
Carol from Just Let Me Quilt

This blog hop is the place to be to find awesome projects to create and every single one of them has at least one house on it! *Some have even a few more!

My idea came to me while searching through Pinterest. 
Do you ever go there looking for one thing and before you  know it, 
you've lost a good hour of your life? Yep, it happens often here!

So, I found a quilted house block that appealed to me,
 but it lead to no site for a tutorial.
 It was a dead end. Bah.
I played around and figured it out myself.

It was pretty easy....and pretty addictive! 
I had no idea where this was going, 
but I figured I'd need a few neighborhood's worth of house blocks.

I sewed them into "streets" of houses, every one of them unique and colorful!

I also machine embroidered a warm "Welcome" panel 
with some hand-stitching and beads.

I had several chances to practice my French Knot skills. 

In the end, I have a wonderful new wall-hanging to display in my foyer!

I kinda love it!

Please visit the other talented bloggers on this hop 
as they share their awesome house projects!

September 10