Saturday, April 24, 2021

RSC April (blue) and Table Scraps Challenge


This Iowa girl is blogging from Tennessee tonight! We came down Wednesday to spend a few days in the Smoky Mountains and catch some warmer weather. Even though we're 11 hours further south, the weather turned and it's colder here than back home! Oh well. 

We've visited the Great Smoky Mountains National Park a few times and were "hunting" for bears. We were lucky enough to see black bears 4 different times! The last sighting was last night. As we were driving,  I saw a mama and her 2 caused quite the "bear jam" on the road with about 20 cars stopping to ooh and aww. That was really a jackpot sighting!

No worries about being too close. My husband has a fancy camera that allows him to get close ups. Mama Bear was keeping a close eye on her babes and the on-lookers!

Back to quilting....

This month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge color was light/bright blue. My scraps did not contain much of either, so I had to drag my pitiful self off to the fabric shop to purchase some blues!

I had seen a pretty table runner pattern on line that inspired me to make one using blues and a bit of yellow. If that's cheating, don't chew my head off. 

I started with pieces of fabric 3" x 5" and randomly-for-the-most-part sewed them together into rows and then sewed the rows together. Above, I'm checking out the fabric for the border. (It's not your beer goggles causing the blurring, but my poor camera skills.)

The border is on and the sandwich is made! Ready for quilting!

An all-over meandering did the trick nicely. I need to remember to meander all on the same day as I could see one day I was much looser than the next! 

My little bunny family loves it! The yellow binding was the perfect touch. 

As I'm not a blue lover, so I twisted the arm of my sweet friend's daughter to see if she would like to give this to her mom for Mother's Day. She jumped at the chance and when I get back, I'll embroider a label for the back. 

Another blue project I made this month was a bib for Jack! 
He's the 4th grandchild of my high school best friend who now lives in Rochester, Minnesota.

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Sunday, March 28, 2021

RSC March (Green) and Table Scraps Challenges


This month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) called for the greens to come out and get some fresh air! You may recall that green isn't in my top 100 favorite colors. Especially dark green. Shiver down my spine! 

Last year, when it was time to pull my greens out of slumber, I spend an afternoon cutting up my squares. I was ready to chain stitch my rows into 9 patches, when I realized that I cut them too big. Gah!

Holy green cabbages! What in the world would I do with a gazillion green 2.5 inch squares? (Never mind that I now needed to cut another gazillion 2" squares to make my 9 patches.) I tucked those little 2.5 inchers into a baggie and stashed them away for some project in a faraway time. 

That faraway time turned into March 2021! I hauled them out and make a whole lotta HSTs with them, pairing them with a  random assortment of low volume fabrics. Here they are before going under the knife being cut in two.

What to do...what to much stress! 

If only they appealed to me!

Arranging them into blocks of 8 flying geese going into each direction was OK.

Adding some more blocks on point and a few details gave it more interest. I was digging it!

My favorite part was the meander stitching to get the layers quilted together. 
I used a light green Aurifil thread that looks so good on both the light and dark fabrics.

A light green stripe fabric served perfectly for the binding. 
Even the geese approved!
Get your wings up and let's High Five!

The week wore on and the pile of green squares stared at me. They needed a purpose. 

A handful of the squares became this smaller topper, just right for our table in our sitting room. This one used a few larger scraps of 2 other fabrics. I free-motioned large leaves in the same light green Aurifil thread. As far as I know, this block was completely designed in my head. If someone knows otherwise, I'll happily give credit to that person.

I guess I'll keep the rest of the squares for next year. 
These orphans are going back into the baggie for another day. Sigh.

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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Project Quilting 12.5: You're Crazy!


If you knew how many times I questioned my sanity this week, you would laugh! 

I really had no idea where this "You're Crazy" theme was going to take me . I started out with pulling scraps of my favorite colors, some satin-ny scraps, ribbons and laces and a few Pinterest ideas. 

I did manage to use up a good pile of scraps, but didn't use the black/white fabrics above.  They looked too crazy when put together.

So I started sewing scraps into strips, adding some ribbon, lace and satin-ny pieces as I went. These tidbits are often part of Crazy Quilting and I wanted to throw in bits of Crazy here and there. 

More strips were added and I pulled my beloved Alison Glass text fabric out of hiding to use on this crazy mess. It was taking shape, but it really wasn't what I was hoping for. Plus, what would it be? 

I like things to have a purpose. I didn't need a wall hanging of these colors; I didn't have a stool or bench to make a cover for; it would make a really big pillow that I had no place to put; maybe a backing for a jacket, but my time was limited! 

I doodled some weird FMQ designs on paper and decided to go for it. Then I thought I'd add a border. Purple, of course.

That's when the thought came to me that I could make a tote bag out of this!
 "Bingo," the older woman from the back yelled. Yes, at this point, I knew I was hearing voices. 

I sewed the sides together and finished them with a binding tape, then boxed the corners.

Bag handles were added using the tutorial for
 SewCanShe Japanese style Bag Handles ...very easy and I love the look!

What a relief to finish this crazy project late on Saturday afternoon! I came down the stairs strutting my stuff with this cool bag hanging on my shoulder. Even hubby was impressed!
It will be perfect for Farmer's Market, the beach, road trips, carrying a picnic lunch or even carrying around my scattered brain!

If I'd had more time (and forethought), I would've added a few pockets to the inside. Oh well!

My tote bag measures: 21" wide x 10.5" deep (not including handles)

Have you made anything crazy lately?

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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Cheers to 60!


I must be getting old. Why didn't it occur to me earlier that my best friend from high school and college was turning 60 this week? She is only a few months older than me. (That has always made me feel a bit better when those birthdays with a "0" at the end happen.)

I usually make my friends a special card to celebrate those decade birthdays, so I knew I had to get a leg up and get on it! 

Linda's favorite color has always been blue. She has the prettiest blue eyes, too!

So it was natural to choose blue fabric and a blue sky paper for background. I snuck in some scrap stabilizer for the backing just to help keep it all together. I purposely keep my old, dull needles for sewing cards. 

I did some hand-drawing for the numbers and fussy cut 2 flowers out of scrap fabric, then used some narrow 2-sided tape to hold it together before stitching down..

I free-motioned twice around each letter and flower, then changed thread colors to stitch down the papers. In the past, I've stitched right onto a square of fabric, but that often bunched up, so paper it is from now on!

 Off she goes to greet Linda and her 60th year in Rochester, Minnesota! 
Just in the nick of time, too! 

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Saturday, February 27, 2021

RSC February 2021: Yellow and Table Scraps Challenge


I like yellow. It's such a happy color and provides that bright spot to wherever it lands. 

When I pulled my yellow scraps in early February, my gray fabric was still out from the first Project Quilting Challenge where we used gray and yellow pantone colors together. See that project here: Illuminating & Ultimate Gray

I remembered how well I liked the color combination of yellow and gray, so went with it again. Apparently, someone else latched onto this long before me! Ha!

I give full credit to Kaye at her Miss Print blog for this Ziggy Zaggy table topper idea. I've had this pinned for a long time on my Table Runner board on Pinterest and it finally caught my attention long enough to make one....with a few variants to make it unique.

I also added a seminole patchwork border to each side. I used this tutorial at Geta's Quilting Studio. It was a bit tricky to center and add on for the right fit. Math is not my thing! My seam ripper got some use and I even seriously considered scrapping the whole border idea. 

A good night's sleep helped and I conquered the seminole border the next day!  I moved onto quilting a row on both sides of the seams of each block, plus just inside each smaller border block. Nothing fancy.

I had enough of the backing all the way around to pull it to the front for binding. I love when that happens! 

My Ziggy Zaggy table runner is a  beauty! I'm so happy I stuck with my plan to add the seminole borders.  She measures 23" square.

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Project Quilting 12.4: The Snail Trail Block


This week's Project Quilting challenge was to use the Snail Trail block! This is a block that I've seen, but haven't made, so it was a new one for me. 

I started with making just 2 of them, thinking I'd make mug rugs/coasters. But as I played with the blocks and saw the secondary patterns, I went on to make a total of 4. 

Then I played some more and came up with these:

I chose the top block and started stitching! 

Adding stacked blocks to the sides and long strips to the top and bottom gave me the size I was looking for. I also added a shamrock applique to the center square for that St. Patty's Day feel. A squiggly meander free-motion quilting held all 3 layers together. 

A solid green fabric was added as binding and a small piece of shamrock fabric fit perfectly for the backing making this another project made entirely from my stash!

This little guy fits perfectly on my antique plant stand! 
This stand is actually a solid wood piece from an old church in town that my brother gave us as a wedding gift back in 1983.
 (That makes my husband and me antiques too!)

Snail's Trail Table Topper made with 4 blocks
3 layers
One applique
Measures 9.5" x 13"

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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Project Quilting 12.3: Virtual Vacation


Like so many others, it's been nearly a year since my husband and I traveled further than 30 miles from home. Last March, we took a cruise and one week later, everything shut down tight like dried paint on a window frame. Boom!

Wherever we go, we love to walk and explore new places, especially outdoors. Many times, carrying a purse or backpack is inconvenient and cumbersome. I've worn fanny packs, but feel like a real old teenager from the 80's. Gotta be cool...almost 60 year old me! :)

In my Pinterest sewing board, I had this Clip-On Waist Bag  tutorial from the Sew Very Crafty blog waiting to be made. It's been on my mind to make one and this was perfect for this week's Project Quilting challenge. This bag clips directly onto my belt loops of jeans or shorts. 

This handy pouch is ready now and waiting for my next (???) vacation! Woohoo! 

Just the thought gets me excited! 

I chose my fabrics from the stash...a lightweight denim and gorgeous purply-pink cotton for the lining and coordinating outside strip. 2 zippers and fusible interfacing to layer between outer and lining fabrics. This Craft-fuse was perfect to give that bit of stiffness without bulk. 

The instructions were very well written, but that doesn't mean a few swear words weren't spoken! I can follow directions, but sometimes my stubborn side tells me that I know a better way...not with this guy. Follow the directions.

We have 2 dogs. We go through probably 4 or 5 of those retractable dog leashes a year. I always cut off those swivel clips that attach to the dog collar. This was one time I was patting myself on the back for hoarding. I dug out 2 of them and they were just right! Nope, they aren't shiny and new, but they work and I didn't have to stomp through the snow to get to the store to buy pretty ones.  *These swivel clips attach directly to your belt loops.

It's such a great feeling when the online photo matches the actual project! I was on a roll!

The hardest part was the turn-inside-out-part which is kinda like giving birth. 
It's hard work-gotta be gentle-fingers crossed it turns out right-and I don't ever want to do this again process---until you see it's perfect and you made it and you want a dozen more!

Too bad it's not big enough to hold my cell phone!
Maybe it's because my phone is too honkin' big. 
I will make another and increase the dimensions. 
Until then, I will make accommodations.

I just love this clip-on bag! It's so comfortable, even with my essentials inside and keeps my hands free to do other things. May we all be able to get out and discover new experiences soon!

Dimensions: 7.5" x 5.5"
Made with 3 layers in my home in Asbury, Iowa

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