Sunday, February 24, 2019

Pixel Play: Project Quilting 10.4

Oh, how I love a challenge! 
I am  not competitive in any way, but give me an idea to be creative and I'm all in!

This week's theme for Project Quilting at Persimon Dreams was Pixel Play. 

I searched the internet for a pixel image to work with and found a perler bead butterfly. 

In my stash for a very long time, I've had a baggie of 2" blocks of purple fabric. 

As I laid out the squares, I realized that this was going to be a big project! 
BIG=lots of time!

Good thing we had 3 school cancellations this past week. 
School cancellation=time to sew!

Lots and lots of chain sewing...along with always counting.

That's 529 two inch blocks total! 

I added a few 9-patch blocks to add more area and interest. 

Then came the quilting. Simple straight-line quilting down the middle of each block. 
Twist clock-wise and stich again!

Next came the binding. 

Both the backing and binding fabric are from my full-time teaching days when I covered my bulletin boards in fabric. Somebody apparently likes purple, huh?
Every piece of this project came from my stash, which makes me (and hubby) happy!

A couple of pups were happy with this quilt too!

I wish they had emails so they could each vote! 

This quilt...perfect for a baby measures 36"x 36".
Made in my home in Dubuque, Iowa.

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for your favorite 10 Pixel Play projects!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Red White & Blue: Project Quilting Challenge 10.2

Red, white and January? 
Well, that's the theme for this week's Project Quilting.

It's been so cold here in Iowa this past week that school was held only 1/2 of ONE day! 
Early dismissals and late arrivals, plus 2 cancellations due to snow and wind chills. 
Now more snow is on the way.

With no school, I had time to play with my red, white and blue scraps!

Surely, I could come up with some idea to put these to use!

I started with creating a feather.

But I didn't like it.


I played with some scrappy triangles.


But once I started just sewing strips around a hexagon, I was a happy girl!

I went on to make 2 more square blocks.

I added Insulbrite as the middle layer so I could use them as pot holders.

Even if it is -5 degrees outside as I write this, 
I'm already looking forward to July when I can put these to good use! 

Such scrappy, patriotic fun.

Made in my home in Dubuque, Iowa.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Hope Springs Eternal: PQ Challenge 10.1

Hopeful Table Mat

I've been inspired and involved in Persimon Dreams Project Quilting 
for the past few years. 
I love being able to create a project with one single idea!

This first challenge idea is 'Hope Springs Eternal'.

I had a very busy week with school and didn't think I could
 get involved in this week's project. 

Until, I looked through my want-to-make list and found a block I have long admired from 
Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage book. 

I had HOPED to make this into a table mat 
someday for our sitting room. 

I could get this done, right?

My HOPES to use up the extra HST pieces did not work out. 
Maybe another project will come along. 

The fading sun coming in my sewing room was not providing a lot of
 HOPE as I auditioned binding choices. 
*I went with the lower left fabric in black and gold. 

Simple quilting in the ditch and spaced along the seams, 
along with programmed stitches along the side panels
 increased my HOPE for getting this done!

HOPE truly does spring eternal! 
I finished my table mat and two matching coasters for my little side table just in time!

I HOPE you like it as much as I do!

Please stop by Persimon Dreams to vote for your favorite projects this week!

Project completed in my home in Dubuque, Iowa.
Dimensions: 16" x 12"
Pieced fabrics and consisting of 3 layers.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Pick A Pumpkin Blog Hop!

Pumpkin, pumpkin! 
Who's got the pumpkin?
We all do!
Every single one of the blogs on this hop has pumpkin projects to share.
Hosted by Carla from Creatin' In The Sticks, a 4-day line-up of bloggers are all spiced up to show you their creations! Follow along and have fun!

My project was almost not a project at all! My sewing machine literally had a break down before I could start. She had to be serviced and that meant a 2 hour trip to the repair shop and a 2 week wait! 
I was not a happy pumpkin!

So I opted for a small project. One that I could use on a side table in our sitting room where we read. 

Starting off with strips of orange from my stash with 
random lengths and widths,
 I sewed them together. 

I sewed enough to make a wonky-shaped pumpkin. 

Picture-taking here was not a priority, so you will need a good imagination!

Low volume strips were added to make a square. 
Loop-de-loop FMQ came next.

Fabrics were auditioned for the binding. (I chose the lower right one.)

With the addition of a stem and leaves that were hand-stitched on, 
I am really quite pleased with the final product!
The leaves add a dimensional touch!

My table topper measures 17" x 16" and will sit pretty until I get into the Christmas mood!

Thanks for stopping by!

Join the rest of the blog hop to see what my friends are up to!

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