Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tuned Into Texture--Project Quilting Challenge 3

This past week sewists were challenged to think about texture and include it in a project.

I was stumped. I was busy. But I wanted to take part.

I looked at my pile of scraps from trimming my Baby Lattice Quilt and thought I could use them to make a matching baby bib and throw in some texture.

I got out the seam ripper and removed all of the white to use up the patterned fabric pieces.

I sewed the scraps wanky-panky together. (cool word, eh?)
I didn't want it to look like perfect patchwork.

Using my bib template that I've used a billion-jillion times to check for size,
I traced and trimmed the fabric.

I wanted to add a flower applique with some "poof",
so I cut a matching piece of batting to sew under each layer of the flower.
I used the blanket stitch around each flower. Very organic stitching!

Now it was time for the fun part! Thinking about the ripples in water when a stone is thrown in, I went for the "ripple" look around the flower. I sewed it onto a piece of batting that was in the scrap pile. I just zig-zagged them together to make a piece large enough. Perfect!

The ripple/echo quilting was the most fun! It really does give this sweet bib a lot of texture.

It was cut free from the batting and stitched with a gray polka-dot backing,
then top stitched for stability.

With my label, all it needs is a snap!

The bib measures 9.5" x 14". It has 3 layers and is a scrappy patchwork design.
Completed in my sewing room in Dubuque, Iowa.