Saturday, October 31, 2020

RSC October: Yellow! (the finale)


October's RSC color ends on a happy note with yellow! 
I worked with a teacher for a few years whose favorite color was yellow. 
She loved it because it always brought happiness.

 How many things in life are yellow and make you feel happy? 
Sunshine, bananas, lemons, baby chicks, daffodils, mac and cheese,
 mustard, corn on the cob...all make me happy!

So my last 2 rows of the quilt bring happiness. 

It'll bring even more happiness once I get it quilted and bound! 

That'll be a job for a bitterly cold afternoon in the next few months.


9 months of RSC rows!

My scrap bins seem to be no less full's that happen?

My wonderful helper!
He makes me happy too!  💜

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