Saturday, July 31, 2021

RSC July: Dark Blue and Table Scraps Challenge


In May, I jumped on the Dresden train and I got hooked! I feel like a kid at the fair whose parents can't get her off the pony! Making a Dresden Plate block had been on my to-do list for so many years. Now I've got 6 pieces to prove that I've accomplished this task and can move on. 

Well, maybe. 

This  piece was made from a charm pack I had in my stash. Even though the traditional Dresden Plate uses just 2 fabrics with alternating blades, I like to break the rules and use 5 different fabrics. 
Call me a rebel.

Stitching down the ends before adding the center circle. 

This one block wonder is truly scrappy with what I could find in my stash. 
It fits perfectly on the small table in our sitting room. 

And this is the smallest topper that is made of medium blue scraps. 
The stand is an antique piece from a church in town. 
My brother gave it to us as a wedding gift almost 38 years ago. 

Both the pillar and Dresden topper is being modeled by 
Miss Sophie who turned 8 this month! 💜

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