Wednesday, October 14, 2015

100 Quilt Blocks DONE!

Yeah! A few weeks ago, I finally finished all 100 blocks from Tula Pink's City Sampler 100 Modern Quilt Blocks book. I started this in mid August and kept plugging along making 3 or 4 blocks at a time.
I really, really enjoyed sewing these blocks (except for Block #90).
Choosing the fabrics for each block and following Tula's photo instructions was so easy (except for  Block #90). Each block is unique and will look great made into quilts (even Block #90).
I kept them lined up on my sewing room floor in groups of 30 so I could keep an eye on color combinations. When I was finished, I thought I'd sort them into "girly" piles and "boy" piles and I'll stick with that plan when putting them together. I can probably get 4 baby quilts or play pads from these 100 blocks.
I'm thinking of adding a white sashing between each block.
So here's the photos in groups of 15. My husband asked why 15? Well, it makes for easier photos, Silly! No other reason to my madness. No one can reason with my madness. It is an entity all its own.

Blocks 16-30
Blocks 31-45
Blocks 46-60
Blocks 61-75
Blocks 76-90
Blocks 91-97
Yes, I realize that 3 blocks are hiding somewhere. Duh!
Those stinkers are probably hiding out somewhere in my immaculately organized sewing room. I will find them soon. (Eyes rolling here.)
Are you curious about that Block #90?
This one?
It was a monster to piece! There are 6 pieces and it just didn't line up well.
 Not near as slick as the other 99 blocks.
What am I reading right now?
I got this book out of my neighbor's Free Little Library.
I'm not usually a fan of mysteries, but this one is pretty good! I read it during my prep periods while subbing. When I'm home, I'd rather spend my free time sewing, so this book may take me a while to get through.
Does your area have a Free Little Library? We have several in our city.
This is in our neighbor's convenient!