Thursday, May 26, 2016

Filling the Gap

Lots of "everyday crap" happening in the past 2 months since I last posted. Of course, spring time is the busiest time for substitute teachers, so that's kept me out of trouble and out of my sewing room. I also put in 3 weeks of working with 1st and 2nd graders with state-mandated tests. Spring is my favorite season, but it's never a relaxing one for teachers. Our Spring has been, for the most part, a wet and chilly one. We were still running the furnace last week!

Since I couldn't be outside in the garden or walking the dog on those wet, chilly nights, I propelled myself up to my sewing room! Yes, there is a silver lining with Mother Nature and her moods! I found a quilting improv block that I liked by Christa at Christa Quilts. I enjoyed making one so much that I continued on and made 8 more for a baby quilt. I used many of the same fabrics from the Tula Pink City Sampler blocks, but chose the "boy" colors.

Above are 2 of the 9 blocks.
These gave me very good practice with getting those corners and points just right!
A photo of them arranged together, before the stitching together and the borders.
Love my purple-polka-dotted feet?
Sewing them together was a breeze and I even enjoyed the quilting and binding steps!
I think I'm getting hooked on this quilting thing.
Somebody once told me that could happen.
Then on one of the first sunny mornings, I took my finished quilt outside for a photo shoot. Shoot, I think they turned out pretty good!
My label!

The pieced back.
The front.

And another front shot.
I used a simple cross-hatch to quilt it together.

Leaving you with a photo of Miss Sophie.
She does NOT like her photo taken (kinda like her mama).
In fact, her facial expression rarely changes.
I snapped this one when I asked her, "Are you hungry?"
Yes, yes, she was hungry.
*Thank you to Lara at BuzzinBumble for encouraging me to get another post up!
Have you heard about her newly published book Crafted Applique?
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