Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Work In Progress

I suppose most people have at least one unfinished project that haunts them. This is mine. It sits tucked away at the bottom of my sewing room closet, all rolled up in a laundry basket. Poor thing. It was started with such verve and anticipation and innocence...thinking that a few squares could be sewn together in a weekend to make a lovely quilt.

It didn't take long to prove myself wrong. I got it out again this past week while I'm on spring break. I reconnected with some of that verve. I made 2 more squares. Each square takes me about 90 minutes to sew. That does not include the time it takes to cut the strips.

I really didn't follow a pattern for this baby. I looked at some quilts online and had some ideas. It's definitely in the category of "quilt-as-you-go", meaning it's sewn and quilted onto the batting all at once. When all the squares are made ("when" is an open-ended term here), they are sewn together, attached to a backing and then sewn to a binding. I'm thinking I'd like a white sashing between the squares. Any thoughts on that? 

I like to lay it out and just let my eyes settle here and there. I try to imagine it covering our guest room bed. It'll get there someday. Someday when that verve beckons me back to the corner of my closet. For now, it's tucked away and collecting dustballs energy.

And just because today is the LAST freaking day of this never-ending winter, I'm posting my view out of my sewing room. Welcome, Spring, and all of the lusciousness you have to offer!