Saturday, April 24, 2021

RSC April (blue) and Table Scraps Challenge


This Iowa girl is blogging from Tennessee tonight! We came down Wednesday to spend a few days in the Smoky Mountains and catch some warmer weather. Even though we're 11 hours further south, the weather turned and it's colder here than back home! Oh well. 

We've visited the Great Smoky Mountains National Park a few times and were "hunting" for bears. We were lucky enough to see black bears 4 different times! The last sighting was last night. As we were driving,  I saw a mama and her 2 caused quite the "bear jam" on the road with about 20 cars stopping to ooh and aww. That was really a jackpot sighting!

No worries about being too close. My husband has a fancy camera that allows him to get close ups. Mama Bear was keeping a close eye on her babes and the on-lookers!

Back to quilting....

This month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge color was light/bright blue. My scraps did not contain much of either, so I had to drag my pitiful self off to the fabric shop to purchase some blues!

I had seen a pretty table runner pattern on line that inspired me to make one using blues and a bit of yellow. If that's cheating, don't chew my head off. 

I started with pieces of fabric 3" x 5" and randomly-for-the-most-part sewed them together into rows and then sewed the rows together. Above, I'm checking out the fabric for the border. (It's not your beer goggles causing the blurring, but my poor camera skills.)

The border is on and the sandwich is made! Ready for quilting!

An all-over meandering did the trick nicely. I need to remember to meander all on the same day as I could see one day I was much looser than the next! 

My little bunny family loves it! The yellow binding was the perfect touch. 

As I'm not a blue lover, so I twisted the arm of my sweet friend's daughter to see if she would like to give this to her mom for Mother's Day. She jumped at the chance and when I get back, I'll embroider a label for the back. 

Another blue project I made this month was a bib for Jack! 
He's the 4th grandchild of my high school best friend who now lives in Rochester, Minnesota.

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