Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Big Sister Dress!

Every soon-to-be big sister needs to have a special dress, right? A dress that announces to the world that she will soon lose her status as an "only child"!
I have a very good friend in Utah that is going to be a grandma for the second time this fall. When her grand-daughter was born, I made 2 sweet, personalized bibs for her. Now this little darling will soon be 2 years old and is making way in her world for a sibling!
So, I got to work and made a Big Sister dress! I didn't know her size, but guessed it would be close to a 2T. This silly Butterick pattern came in sizes L and XL, so I chose the XL. I think she'll be able to wear it next summer too, with shorts or leggings. Once a big sister, always a big sister, right?
Here's the back. It turned out so cute!
Once it made it to Utah, my friend corralled her little sweetie and posted a photo:
Just as hoped, they all loved it!
And that makes it all worth while.

Monday, July 13, 2015

I Got My Groove Back!

I took my embroidery machine in for a check-up on May 8th and just got it back this past Friday on July 10th! 2 months getting a check-up! I tell ya, if I didn't have my regular sewing machine, I'd have gone postal. Apparently it needed a part that was on back-order. I can deal with that. But then the shipping docks in California were on strike, so it could be a while before the part got here, the repair guy said.
Long story short, I picked up my machine Friday, only to find out the foot pedal and cable were missing. I was so frustrated! The repair guy never could find them, so he gave me new ones off a different machine...no charge, he said. NO Charge!! I don't think he knew what a hot mama I could be, mid-menopausal and all.
So, I got to work on a couple bib orders that had been waiting since May.
I hope these kids still make a mess when eating. At least drool a bit.
This one is for Will...duh. Do I really have to be so specific? :)
And don't forget Grayson!
 I wonder if these kids will ever be friends.
Maybe they'll sit together at lunch in 2nd grade and ask each other if they happened to have a personalized bib when they were babies.
Maybe the bibs will show up for show and tell.  

Yep, they turned out pretty cute. I am finally putting my labels on things.
Gotta give myself credit. I also bought some business cards! Woohoo!
Maybe I'll make the Forbes list someday.
My hubby is out of town all week and it's stinkin' hot outside, so I think I'll delve into my stash and do some more stitching!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Almost threw it out...
I have a lot of planters. Big ones, little ones, in-between ones. A few weeks ago, I was digging up the dreaded ferns that multiply like rabbits in the back garden
we call "The Enchanted Forest".
As I dug, I fantasized about keeping a few in a planter for the lower deck. Get that *tropical* look, you know? Yep, here in Iowa, not much is tropical except for the hot, humid weather during the summer.
So, I went into the capped garage and found this old, icky looking planter that was already filled with soil. It would be "good enough" for the time being.
3 ferns were planted. Those same 3 ferns were cut down to soil level after a day. They were drooping like an old lady's boobs. I still had hopes they'd start growing again.
When we returned from our Colorado vacation about 2 weeks later, they did!
They were growing like nobody's business!
BUT, that planter was still ugly.

I decided to do a little DIY project with what I  had in the house and
 give this planter a make-over.
First, I cleaned it up good with soapy water and a brush. No miracles there.
I wanted to give the pot a plaster-like texture, so I added some leftover dry grout from a tile project to a sample jar of paint. Lowe's sells these  reject paints for $1 and I pick them up from time to time for small projects.
I mixed the grout and paint well with a plastic spoon. It became thick quick, so I worked quickly! Using a paint brush and a foam brush, I applied the mixture to the entire outer surface.
Once I had it all covered with the paint/grout mix, it was sure clean looking, but not really what I had hoped it would look like.
I went digging through my paint stash and found nothing that I thought would work.
In the back of the closet, I came up with some old brown shoe polish paste. Who keeps shoe polish anymore? I guess I do. Can't tell you the last time I used it though.
Using an old rag, I dipped into the polish and smudged it along the raised parts of the planter, giving it a rustic look. That's what I was after!
Easy job. Cost me next to nothing and looks a whole lot better! No telling how long that shoe polish will last, but who cares? It sits under the deck (ferns like shade), so it won't get beaten with rain and if it does wash out, I got more in the back of the closet. :)