Tuesday, March 31, 2020

RSC 2020: Aqua!

The color for March's Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) was aqua.

 Sometimes also called teal or turquoise.
 I like to pronounce that last color  "tur-quah"! 
Makes it sound fancy, doesn't it? 

Whatever you prefer to call it, 
I had enough of it in my stash this go-around to fulfill 
what was needed to make 24 more 9-patch blocks. 

Of course, the moment I lay it out on the floor (my design wall), 
it becomes something to lay on. 
Sophie approves!

She tends to be camera shy. 
The only way I can get her to look at the camera is to say "Where's Jenny?".
Jenny is her groomer and although Sophie always behaves herself there, 
she'd rather hide under the bed. 


Here we are with the first 3 scrappy strips sewn together!
It's going to be a colorful one,, for sure!

Tomorrow, April 1st, the new color will be announced. 
Hmmm...I'm guessing purple!

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Stay home and stay healthy, my friends! 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Vibrant & Vivacious: Project Quilting Challenge 11.6

This week, more so than others, was a great way to escape from what's happening in the world. 
I'm sure many of you can relate. 
There's little I can think about when I have my sewing machine needle piercing through fabric. 
It's a wonderful thing to create, isn't it?

This week's challenge at Persimon Dreams was to use vibrant colors! 
It's been rather bleak, gray weather here in my corner of Iowa, so playing with these fabrics added some joy.

I've had a pattern on my Pinterest board for a long time, and I knew I could figure it out without too much trouble. 
Who needs a stinkin' pattern to buy when you can finagle on your own? 😁

I was trying too hard to  make my Flying Geese matchy-matchy and I wasn't really getting the effect I wanted. So, I threw caution to the wind and put crazy combinations together. So much easier!

Here we go with my layout....looking good, right? Vibrant and Vivacious?

I even sewed up all those cut-off corners for another project down the line. 

I wanted to try mitered corners and this was the perfect time! 
I found a great video from Fons & Porter. 
Easy, peasy...except for one corner that I had to re-do THREE times!

Details on quilting and getting that binding just right. 

Now, if I could just learn to take a decent photo! 
This is a perfect rectangle...believe me!
Measurements: 29" x 15"
Made in my home in Dubuque, Iowa

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