Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Outfit for Ella!

School has been out for a few weeks for us and I had a real itch to sew an outfit for my grand-niece who lives in Utah. (I're thinking I'm not old enough to be a Great Aunt, right? Heck, I was a Regular Aunt when I turned 6!) This niece is on my husband's side and is just the cutest little toddler ever! Her mama posted on facebook about how much Ella loves giraffes, so that had me inspired. Nothing like a little bit of *ooooh!* to get me going!

I haven't sewn garments for quite a while. The last piece I made was about 2 years ago for a friend who had a part-time job working as a clown. It was quite the project, but I battled it and was happy with the outcome.

Cindy's Clown Dress Jan. 2013

So, about a week ago, I found a darling Butterick pattern that I wanted to make for Ella. Knowing that I wanted to add a giraffe to the front helped me narrow the choices down. I needed a simple, non-gathered front with enough space to embellish. Butterick pattern B3846 was it!

I found an adorable giraffe template on Etsy for $2.00 that I printed off. I already had some giraffe fabric in my stash, so I was set.  (Giraffe fabric in 3 different colors...I'm a good stasher). Also, in my stash was 2 yards of hot pink fabric and some eyelet lace that would work well!

Here's the finished outfit:

Adding that eyelet lace gave me fits and I realized, as I was beyond the point of tearing it out, that this was not a good pattern for trim, unless it was above the seam line. I made it work, but I gained a few gray hairs in the process.
The back is just so cute!
Notice the little detail I added to the shorts.
It was a cutout from another piece of fabric.

Then, of course, every little girl needs a matching bag for her new outfit!
I found this simple pattern on
Crazy Little Projects called a Mini Messenger Bag.


Inside the bag, I added a cute little photo holder that could hold a photo
of her favorite (and only) Great Aunt!
It's all on en route to Utah as of yesterday and should arrive tomorrow!
My next project?
Comments appreciated! Don't be shy!