Monday, August 31, 2020

RSC August 2020: Purple!


It took all of 8 months, but finally my favorite color was chosen for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge! Oh, how I love purple! 

  • my very first quilt I made while in college was a simple patchwork quilt of purple fabrics. Backed with a lavender bed sheet and batted with a blanket!
  • my bridesmaids all wore a varying shade of purple in their taffeta dresses, along with purple flowers...way back in '83!
  • all of my classrooms throughout the years were predominantly decorated in purple...there was no question what color I loved when my students arrived!
  • my laundry room is painted in a deep eggplant one cares since I'm the only  one who uses it!
  • I also have one wall of my sewing room painted in a happy shade of violet.

24 more 9-patch blocks to add onto this quickly-growing quilt top!

This past week, I also made 4 blocks from the Moda Blockheads3 offered by Brigitte Heitland at Zenchicmoda. There was and is much controversy over the original designer for this block.

 It got ugly on Instagram. 
I stayed out of it.

I just enjoyed making these curvy-licious blocks and look forward to making more!

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