Friday, July 31, 2020

RSC July 2020: Dark Blue

Dark Blue was the chosen color for July's RSC.

Because my great friend loves blue of all  shades, I made a gift for her. 
My 9-patch quilt that has all the other RSC shades in it didn't need any more blue!

I pulled these fat quarters from my stash. Not all were dark blue, but they looked good together. In my mind, anyway.
I had to add the music fabric since she is a retired vocal music teacher.

32 years of teaching kids Do-Re-Mi!
It's a wonder she has any hair left on her pretty head. 

I had previously made this and stitched it together, but totally scrapped it. 
I didn't like it one bit. 

For several years, I've carried a small lunch placemat in my bag when I substitute teach. 
Eating lunch on the tables in the break room can be messy as teacher scurry
 in and out in 20 minute shifts. 
I've always felt better laying my lunch out on a quilted pad and washing it later. 

I wanted to make my friend one too. 
We not only substitute teach, but also take painting jobs on the side. 
Sometimes we eat our lunch on the floor, so a lunch pad is quite handy! 


I made the binding using one of those self-binding techniques of 
just folding over the backing and squaring up the corners. 
It turned out nicely! 

Now, wherever my friend eats her lunch
...whether sitting on a paint can or on a table in a school...
she will have a sweet lunch mat to remind her how much she is loved! 

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