Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday, March 27th

I'm trying hard to avoid my afternoon nap today. There are things I want and need to do. If I succumb to that damn nap, nothing will get done. I feel like I slept pretty well last night and even slept in til 8:00 when Q woke me with his crazy coughing.

OK,so what is it I want and need to do? I want to make these luscious chocolate cookies that I saw on America's Test Kitchens. I was cheap and didn't want to pay for the subscriber's fee to get the recipe, so I found it elsewhere on the Internet. If these work out, I'll post pictures.

I'm still thinking of those 50 Ways to Leave My Forties list. I've added a few, but it's on the back of my mind to keep working on it. At one point, I wanted to put on a big 60's party with tie-die shirts, fondue pots, and 60's music blaring in the backyard. Since then, I've matured (or chickened out?) and think I'll celebrate in a quieter way.

OK, I'm off to bake them cookies.

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