Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Blast to the Past!

Hello October!
So much for keeping up with this blog in September. I just get discouraged with no one reading the posts, but I must trudge on. If for no other reason, it's a good outlet for my thoughts and a great way to record some things that happen in my oh-so-exciting life.

The above pictures are what I found yesterday when I entered the fourth grade classroom that I was to sub in all day. I am sure I let out a little scream as I laid my eyes on this desk. This was MY desk for 7 years when I taught at this school! I had completely forgot about "the Titanic" desk for so many years. I guess I imagined it had been auctioned off or became firewood somewhere. What a great relief to know someone else is still enjoying it and commanding a classroom of young learners! Just to prove that I had been the master of this desk at one time, I had initialed the center drawer, as had the teacher before  me. You can see that the teacher after me did the same. So, so cool!

What would you like me to write about here? I love to write, read, sew, cook/bake, and garden. Maybe I'll even dream up a surprise for my first follower! Don't be shy!

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