Tuesday, February 18, 2014

She Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve

Over the weekend, I was wearing one of my "go-to" shirts that I often wear under a sweater or vest. I have several of various colors, but this one is probably the one I wear most often. It's off-white and goes with just about everything. So I was feeling pretty comfortable and was in a I've-got-my-crap-together kind of mood when I looked down at my left sleeve and saw a hole! How'd that get there?

A mouse? A bug? A flirty bra hook in the washing machine? An extra sharp arm hair?
To remedy this, I did what any handy girl would do and fixed 'er up.
I embroidered a heart on my sleeve.

Which lead me to the meaning of this idiom:
"She wears her heart on her sleeve."
The ever-popular Urban Dictionary defines it as:
to express emotions freely and openly, for all to see.
That's me all over. I could never play poker, that's for sure! I've never understood people who keep their emotions all bottled up. Let those babies out and deal with them, I say! Of course, expressing those feelings may sometimes get reactions from people that you don't expect. It also opens you up to getting your feelings hurt easily. Been there, done that.

I like to wear my heart on my sleeve, both literally and figuratively.
It's who I am.



  1. Sooo cute and pretty and yet also practical - genius! Where do those annoying little holes come from? I used to think it was the washing machine spoiling our clothes somehow, I read somewhere it was tiny spiders on the washing line ( but I think that's rubbish!) Now I think it probably just a thinner patch of fibres that just wear through after some time - maybe I'll never know...

    1. Julia, you may be right about those thin patches of fibers. Whatever it was, I smile each time I look at my tiny patch. Thanks for your kind words!

  2. Very cute idea! I think people who can wear their hearts on their sleeves (figuratively) probably have a more positive affect on others than people who hold everyone away. Thank you for stopping by chapter37 and for you kind comment!