Sunday, June 27, 2021

RSC June (purple) and Table Scraps Challenge


June was the perfect timing for purple to show its glory!

One of my sweetest friends retired this month after 34 years of teaching. Kerry is one of the kindest, most patient, most thoughtful friends I've ever had. On top of all that, her most favorite color is purple too! It's good to have such great people to hang out with as it always warms my heart and leaves me with sweet memories. 

So, Kerry was the impetus for the purple table topper this month! 

I chose the Friendship Star Wreath as my project.

I found the basic instructions on the Quilt Social Blog

It came together so quickly. 
Without the instructions, I would have never thought to sew these small squares into rows. Seeing the photos helped this visual learner out a lot.

This was really fun to FMQ with my ever-improving meander stitch. 
99% of my points were pointy! Final measurement is 20" x 20".

A retirement party is happening this week when I'll surprise Kerry with this purple topper. 
I'm sure a hug will happen! I've missed those hugs...haven't you?

I also sewed up some leftover skinny purple scraps into a long strip to decorate a tea towel. Adding an embroidered K made it even more special. 
This one is for me and hangs on my oven door handle. 
I can see more of these in every color coming my way in the future. 

In between projects, I sewed up a few more hearts for the I Found A Quilted Heart project. 
To see my first set of hearts, read about it here: Quilted Hearts

I've placed about 20 hearts in my area, but only one has been "reported" on the official blog. 
That is the fun part (besides hoping that each heart brings love and goodness to the finder) to see it appear as a "found" heart and their thoughts on it. My "one" is listed on June 20th if you'd like to look for it on the above link. 

This batch is all red, white, and blue for the USA holiday coming up. 
Each will be placed out into the open this week and hopefully will be a reminder to someone that love exists all around us!

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  1. What a sweet gift! I have just ended up with a billion bonus HSTs from a project, and this is just the kind of idea I need to try to use some of them up. I'm glad I came across your post.

  2. Your table topper is awesome. So cool.
    Love the red blue and white hearts, so sweet.

  3. Such a pretty table topper for your dear friend. I thought they were individual blocks then sewn together somehow and I was trying to work out how they were sewn together. I decided I’d probably sew the pieces in half square triangles then sew them in rows.... Imagine my surprise as I read how you made it. The tea towels is also so pretty. That would be for show NOT for use. Ha! Your hearts project is great and your new batch of patriotic hearts is perfect for this time of year. I’d love to find one to hang in my house.

  4. This is such a pretty table topper, Kathy!!

  5. Fabulous entry for this month's TABLE SCRAPS Challenge, Kathy!! Your friend is sure to LOVE her new PURPLE table topper. Smart thinking on stitching up those small scraps to decorate a tea towel, too!

  6. beautiful topper - it looks really good in purple and will be loved

  7. What a beautiful topper - I like the circular look!!!