Friday, January 21, 2022

Project Quilting 13.2 – In Silhouette

I love these challenges from Project Quilting! 
Even though I was stumped as to what I'd make until early Wednesday morning,
the project came together fairly quickly. 
Good thing since we have only one week to get it finished!

So, this week, the challenge was to include a silhouette focused on contrast and design. 
I kept thinking of a dark figure, like a shadow or something with a light behind it.

Then the thought of a white bunny came in! 
There's still plenty of contrast and who can resist a sweet white bunny?

I pulled from my scrap strips and started sewing the more pastel-colored ones together. 
I was going for a mini wall-hanging size.

These 3 long strips were sewn together, 
then quilted on batting with randomly spaced straight lines. 

I sized up my sweet bunny that I had cut from fleece and left enough room
 at the bottom for a tail and binding. 

A blanket stitch was used to keep him (her?) in place.
I added a bunny-shaped piece of white fabric underneath to 
prevent the colored fabrics from peeking through the fleece.
Yes, there is a pin on his butt!

Choosing a binding fabric is always soooo hard!
The yellow won.

A close-up of his fuzzy tail. 

The pocket added to the back for easy hanging on a rod. 
A bit of left-over binding was worth hanging onto!
The finished project measures 11" x 15".

I'm now ready for spring! Bring it on!!!


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  1. This is so cute! I love appliqué on a pieced background.

  2. Adorable, Kathy!! You and your challenge entry are ready for Spring. Kudos on your quick finish for PQ 13.2!

  3. Little white bunny is so adorable and especially on the bright pastel background fabrics. I too think dark when it comes to silhouettes and was so pleasantly surprised that you thought of white. And then on pastels rather than a dark background. I love the choice of yellow binding. How I long for Spring now!

  4. Mr. Bunny is absolutely adorable. You just gave me an idea for a yard flag.