Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Crazy Quilter

I want to share a sewing project that I'm pretty proud of. This is a sewing machine cover that I made for a SewCanShe contest earlier this summer using the crazy quilt method. I'm not much of a quilter...yet...and this was really fun to do. I didn't win anything in the contest (sob), but I did get this photo on the home page of SewCanShe!

Jeez, I'd love to have a follower. Anyone???


  1. love this cover you've made here
    I must get round to making myself a couple to keep the dust and cat hairs out of the machines - yours is such fun and cheerful!

    1. liniecat, thank you for your kind comment! I am THRILLED that you like it and took a few moments to let me know. I really enjoyed making this crazy sewing machine cover and love to see it when I enter my sewing room. It's so cheerful!

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