Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pretty Little Tree

Hey there friends!
If you really knew me at all, you'd know I adore the color purple.
For years, each classroom I had was decorated in purple. It was obvious to anyone walking in or by that the teacher in that room had a purple obsession. I spent most of my daylight hours there, so I figured it might as well make me happy and be a reflection of my style.
In my home, my laundry room is painted a dark eggplant purple and has white cabinets. It's got a nice window that lets in plenty of light and is a
room that I don't mind spending time in.

A few weeks ago, I redecorated my daughter's old room . She moved out just a year ago, so it was time to make this room mine! I painted the walls a warm beige and one big wall with a huge window is now a deep purple. I love it! We also re-carpeted and the room just makes me happy. This is my sewing room and on my days off, I spend a good amount of time in there. Over the weekend, I put up the little tree that was in my classroom for several years. It sits just to the right of my sewing table. I found a few more purply ornaments to  make it shine.
For some, it may be a little over the top. For me, it's just right.
It makes my heart sing.

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