Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Balance: My Word of the Year!
Hey friends! Welcome to 2014!
Have you ever assigned yourself a Word of the Year? I'm not sure where I read about it first, but 2 years ago was my first WOTY. I thought this was such an intriguing idea. Choosing a word was something I wanted to embrace and make it my mantra as I embarked on a new year. 2012 was a pinnacle year for me and I knew some big things were going to change in my life. I was miserable and I had to take charge.
My word for 2012: CHANGE
I quit my teaching job. HUGE change after 28 years in education!
My youngest daughter moved out into her own place after college graduation and finding a job in her career path. We were then empty nesters...first time in 24 years!
My word for 2013: BELIEVE
I needed to strengthen my beliefs in myself and in God who I depended on deeply. I was so lost after quitting my teaching job, and didn't know where I was supposed to be. I did a lot of reading, thinking, searching, and praying. I came out of 2013 a much stronger woman with very strong beliefs!
My word for 2014: BALANCE
This year I am going to find better ways to spend my free time; make wiser food choices; require myself to exercise at least 5 days per week; participate more in volunteer work; and show loved ones how much I care for them rather than take it for granted that they know...they don't!
So balance is the way I will attempt to conquer this year. Life can get so lop-sided.
Hey, I've already exercised today! AND I made healthy food choices too!
We're off to a good start, my word and me.
What would you choose for your Word of the Year? 

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