Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day

 I hope you all had a sweet day yesterday! I've always been a big fan of Valentine's Day with all of the hearts, chocolate, flowers and hopes of love. It just seems that everyone is a bit kinder, a bit softer and a bit more caring as Valentine's Day approaches. That alone makes it special.

I usually make a treat to hand out to my friends to celebrate the day.
 This year, I got my idea from Pinterest for the Twinkie Minions shown above.
 They took maybe 30 minutes to make them for a full box of Twinkies.
I even put one in our neighbor guy's mailbox who often scoops the snow off our driveway.
For Christmas, we gave him a box of Ding Dongs with a note that said: "From your Ding Dong neighbors"!

***Hey, if you want to join me on Pinterest, I'm here:
Just Friday, my follower number hit 500!!! Who will be 501?

 Another project I saw on Pinterest was a patchwork heart, so I thought I'd try to make one as use it as a pot holder. The directions were limited, so I had to wing most of it. At this stage of quilting, my knowledge base doesn't involve "scale" and how large to make squares and HSTs.
So it turned out kinda big, but it looks nice as a decoration or trivet behind my stove top.
Yes, I do remember to remove it when turning on the gas!

 Here's a pic of the sewing along the way....(it took a lot longer than I expected!)

This is a recipe I really planned on making over the weekend, but it didn't get done. It is pinned, so I'll remember it for next year...or next week.

 And finally, this is my sweet Sophie relaxing in my sewing room as I plug away on a project.


  1. LOL... Minion Twinkies.... That is so funny Kathy!
    Sophie looks like a darling!
    Off to go find you on Pinterest!

  2. As I suspected, I was already following you there.