Monday, January 18, 2016

Dressing for Twins

No, not me! Heavens no! The earth would crack open and swallow me whole if that were true!
My sweet friend, Meegan, found out several months ago that she would be a grandmother to twins due in April. Knowing her daughter-in-law had already miscarried since her last child, they kept the news quiet til the pregnancy had progressed further.
They had such fun with a Gender Reveal Party with family and close friends. 2 boxes were opened containing colored balloons that would represent the gender(s). One box was filled with pink balloons, the other blue!  Big sister, Ella, is quite excited to share her home and love with 2 siblings. Being almost 3, I'm not sure she is fully aware of what lies ahead! Is anyone ever prepared enough for twins???
Anyway, my friend Meegan wanted a special outfit for little Ella for the upcoming baby shower. Ella's mom is a nurse, so Meegan thought it would be cute to put Ella in scrubs and I could embroider a design on the top. I helped her find a darling pair of brand-new scrubs on eBay for $10 (with free shipping, no less).
 In the meantime, I did some online shopping for an embroidery/applique design fitting for a Big Sister of Twins. I found several and Meegan chose one. I helped her choose the fabrics and thread for the design.
In the meantime, Meegan finds out that little Ella will only wear skirts or dresses! Living in Minnesota, she will approve of wearing leggings beneath her girly wear to keep her legs warm. When the scrubs were delivered, I told Meegan that I could easily make a skirt out of the pants. She'd never heard of such a thing! My mind started thinking and I came up with a few variations. This is what I came up with:
 I just cut pants a bit above the crotch line and use the leg fabric to make ruffles! I think the hot pink ric-rac gave it the finishing touch and helped to coordinate with the colors of the  top.
The finished outfit!


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