Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Project for Challenge 3 Project Quilting

Challenge 3 – All about that Thread
I am really enjoying the challenges from Persimon Dreams' blog.
Every 2 weeks, a new challenge is announced. The week in between is for voting on the projects that have been linked up. Each visitor can vote for their favorite 6 projects! If you have linked up a project, 
 you can vote for 7!
I missed Challenge 2. I really had the plan, the fabric, the method all worked out. What I lacked was the time. Instead of sewing that week, I spent most of it testing 1st graders with their phonetics and reading. That was crazy. In 12 days, I tested about 250 kids.
I was lucky I could still feed myself after all of that.
Anyway, last Sunday, Kim announced the theme "All About That Thread" and my ideas started swirling. I had about 1/2 yard of adorable fabric with spools of thread on it. Knowing I like to make purposeful things, I looked around my sewing room for what I needed. I found this:
Is this what I want for my precious spools? Nope. So I decided I needed a decent fabric basket to hold these little friends
 together in one tidy place.
I found a tutorial on a blog, but changed it to fit my needs. Having some groundwork to go on always helps me. I have no fear absorbing some information and then taking off in another direction.
I cut my adorable spool fabric, some other "sewing machine" fabric to use as a lining and batting in the sizes I needed.
I quilted the lining fabric and batting together in simple diagonal lines.
Nothing too fancy.
Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures in between!
I guess I got excited.
What I ended up with is a nice little boat-shaped basket to
hold about half my thread.
I like that the sides are flexible enough that I can still move the spools around to find the right color I'm looking for.
As soon as I get another hour or so, I need to make a "twin" basket for the other half of my spools. They feel like orphans right now.
Beginning Sunday, Feb. 7. around noon,
head over to Persimon Dreams
 and vote for your favorites!
Voting lasts for a week.


  1. What a perfect choice in your fabric. Until you mentioned the soft sides
    I wondered about find the right color that was desired at the moment.
    This would be so pretty sitting on a upper shelf and with the reminder of what is in it. I'm going to vote now, good lucky.
    Happy Sunday

  2. Ok, I give. How and where do we vote? I found the link up but not mention of voting.

    1. You click on the heart in the upper right corner.

  3. What a practical and beautiful project to enhance your studio and organize your threads! Great fabric selections too!

  4. I found it and voted. Some cute things there.

  5. This is great! I made several bowls using different techniques (the wrapped clothesline ones were FUN!) that I use as various catchalls, (small scraps, metallic threads in another, etc) but I also have baskets much like your plastic one that go in the drawer of my dresser. Should jazz those up a bit too.