Friday, August 19, 2016

5 Things to Be Happy About #3

It's hard to believe it's mid-August already. Summer always seems to fly by, especially for those of us who wait nine months for it. Kinda like waiting for a baby.

Here's my 5 things that made me happy this past week. Listed in no particular order.

1. Mister Crabby Pants! I saw this little guy at the library and couldn't resist asking his mom if I could take a picture of his shirt. She didn't mind at all! Of course, the hardest part was trying to get him to stand with his back to me. I imagine not many folks ask for a picture of his backside!
Love that shirt.

2. Woohoo! My quilt in the previous post was chosen as the featured post on Quilt Fabrication's Midweek Makers! What an awesome honor and one I'm pretty tickled about. Of course, no one but a fellow blogger would understand my enlightenment. Not even my husband. Oh, well.

3. I saw one of my bibs in person at a local eatery. I've been making personalized bibs for several years for baby gifts. I'd guess I've made about 100 of them, but I've never seen one out in public on a baby until this day! Of course, I asked Lila's mama if I could take a photo AND post it on my blog...all was OK with her. Her mom said, "Say cheese" to Lila and she replied "Amen"! So cute!

4. My best friend had a birthday this week, so I made her a card. She loves blue, so I used some blue scraps to sew up 2 Bluebirds of Happiness on a limb carrying a message. Of course, the poem inside might have said something about "crap". She loved it!

5. Now this is a rare one! You won't find a photo of me too often, so pay attention! :)
I was in the "pucker" Kim Kardashian lips don't really look like that. My husband and I were celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary. We've gone to the very same place every year to dine on our anniversary. It's the same place we had our reception back in 1983.
Gosh, I love that man.

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What made you happy this week?


  1. Aw, Kathy... how heartwarming. I especially identify with your item #2 - and tremendous congrats by the way - particularly that comment about the hubby! And it's odd that you would tell me that you are not photogenic because that pic is so cute. :-)

    What made me happy this week? Seeing our athletes continue to achieve at the Olympics. Our Canadian accomplishments are small compared to the big powerhouse countries but every medal makes me happy!

  2. Congrats on your feature, Kathy! That's so exciting! My husband doesn't really get it either... but I'll keep him anyway. 😂 The bib you made is adorable! It's super awesome that you got to see it in person. Thanks for linking up and sharing your happy things! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy anniversary! xo

  3. Oh how neat that you've made a yearly anniversary tradition Kathy! Jim and I were married in 1983 also. :)

    It so fun to see those baby photos. It would be a rare thing to have an unplanned bib sighting.

    Congratulations on being featured for Midweek Makers! That is very cool!