Sunday, August 7, 2016

Lap Quilt for Marie

I finally finished this beauty! A few months back, we visited my husband's aunt who lives near Branson, Missouri. She had a paralyzing stroke several years ago and is confined to a nursing home. She still has her lovable sense of humor and tendency to shake her finger at you while talking.
(I'm keeping track, cuz I want to be like that when I'm old!)

Anyway, I thought she'd enjoy a pretty lap quilt during the winter months. If she doesn't want to use it for that, she can fold it up at the bottom of her bed and use it for a runner.
Possible layout

I used Moda's Paris Flea Market fabric collection to create this quilt. I hunted all over for a quilt pattern that appealed to me. I didn't see one I liked well enough, so I created one! I had a layer cake of the bundle and just sliced each one diagonally, mixed up the fabrics, sewed them back together with a 2 inch strip of green fabric and arranged the into a pleasing layout.

For the back, I bought yardage from Etsy to match the layer cake and added a chevron block to give it some character.

Up close, you can see my quilting. I mainly followed the lines of the squares.

Of course, I added my label!

I also hand-stitched the binding on the back.

I don't usually enjoy hand-stitching, but this time it was very relaxing!

I added a pocket to the front for Marie to hold her treasures...she doesn't go anywhere without her tinted lip balm and a tissue! I even embroidered her name on the pocket, so it doesn't get "lost" somewhere. Knowing that Marie only has use of her left side, I put the pocket on the left side of the quilt and near the top. That way she can always find the top too!

Measuring at 31" x 37", I think it'll be the perfect size for Marie
to snuggle under while in her wheelchair.

Marie's quilt will go in the mail this week.

I am currently working on something with this:

Hmmmm...odd combination, eh?

Sleepy Sophie says "Hi"!


  1. Such a pretty and well thought out gift!

  2. This is a really beautiful quilt. I love the colors and the simple elegance of your pattern. It looks like it was fun to make, too. I love it when a plan comes together!!!

    What really makes this special, though, are your thoughtful personal touches. The pocket is perfect and so practical. The recipient is going to cherish it!!

    I like the looks of your next project. That gold and grey! I love it. And, actually, I like it with the purple of your cutting board, too!!

    Have a great week!!

  3. A beautiful quilt - but wow! That back! I love the idea of a row of chevron blocks to blend two different fabrics - makes it look designed instead of just slapped together. Brilliant!!

  4. That is so thoughtful of you to make that beautiful quilt for your aunt! and to add the thoughtful touches like the pocket where she can get to it! Nancy

  5. What a lovely quilt! I'm sure your aunt will be very appreciative. Love the chevron on the back!

  6. that is a lovely quilt. And, what a neat idea to put a pocket on it where it will be so convenient. I don't think your black and yellow is an odd combo. I have several purses by Vera Bradley in that combo! Enjoy your new project.

  7. Can't wait to see what you do with the black,white,yellow. That's my quilt guild color challenge. One of our challenge themes this is was black,white and we drew paint chips for the 3rd color and I drew yellow which is one of my favorites. We can't use gray and that has turned out to be a challenge. I have to really look close. I like the pink and green combo too.

  8. The quilt is lovely and I'm sure Marie will love it! Thanks for sharing the eye candy on Midweek Makers

  9. What a well thought out and beautiful gift for Marie! The design and fabric and all the special touches, like the perfectly placed pocket, are wonderful Kathy! How clever to join your backing fabrics with chevron blocks.

  10. What a sweet gift! The embroidered pocket was a thoughtful addition. She is sure to LOVE this quilt!!

  11. Oh, such a beautiful and thoughtful quilt. I am sure aunt loves it. And that quilt back is so unique also. I have only recently started to attempt backings that are pieced instead of the just-solid-fabric-one-piece backings. Yours looks awesome :)

  12. Such a sweet and thoughtful quilt! I really like the green sashing. And the back is beautiful too! I think you made a two-sided quilt!!

  13. I just love love love your lap quilt, the colors are fabulous...