Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Crosscut Quilt

I was a bit late in joining the party to the Crosscut Quilt-Along I found on Instagram this past summer. Yep, summer 2016 has already PASSED! How did that happen??? The moment I saw some of the photos, I knew I had to join in. I love modern, improv quilting and this was just my groove.

Debbie at A Quilter's Table is the designer of this technique and she has one heck of a creative mind! I could make a thousand of these and no two would look alike.
You can follow her tutorial here: Crosscut Block Tutorial.

Here's my Crosscut journey:

 I chose my fabrics from my stash according to the d├ęcor of "someone special".
This will be a Christmas gift, so no names will be shared here!

These are my first 9 blocks. Already looks cool, doesn't it?

I needed many more blocks to make a quilt big enough to wrap up in while on the couch,
so more were added.

This is a crappy photo, but I laid it on top of a black fuzzy throw we use often in our house.
I needed to compare sizes. More blocks needed!

Just a pretty pic of the triangles and strips.
Not many things really look good against my purple cutting mat.

Here is the full top BEFORE it was cut apart!!
This is the step that I didn't think I could do....I had to cut it up!
But I did.
And I was happy.

The first few cuts.

The freshly cut blocks scattered on the floor as I tried to find the best arrangement.

Proof that Miss Sophie was here!
The stinker.

Here is the new Crosscut quilt top all sewn back together.

A close up before quilting.

These are photos of the back. I used some leftover fabrics to cut feathers using a template I found online. Then I used Lara Buccella's technique from her book Crafted Applique to adhere them. I have wanted to try Lara's technique since her book came out earlier this year, so this was the perfect time! It turned out wonderfully and added a lot to make a very unique backing for this quilt.

I machine quilted this 50" x 60" Crosscut quilt using a wavy stitch starting on one corner and going to the adjacent corner making curves. Of course, the curves got bigger and bigger the farther I went.
I really like the effect overall.

The finished product:


I am entering this quilt into two challenges:


  1. I really like these quilts. I'd love to make one but probably won't happen until next year. I'm always the last one on the train. :(

  2. I LOVE your colors! These crosscut quilts are so much fun! The person who is getting this is so lucky! You've done a fantastic job on this!!! I really like how you did the back too!

  3. Your quilt is wonderful! I really like the colours and fabrics you used. Very unique!

  4. oh yeah! Beautifully done! So glad you enjoyed the technique!

  5. This turned out awesome - love the splashes of orangey-red! You've got my vote at the festival. Thank you so much for sharing on Midweek Makers

  6. this quilt is fabulous!!! I like this method but in the past my lines didn't line up. Must try again, you have inspired me. Thanks for joining the Linky party!

  7. This looks awesome! I am wanting to make one of these quilts myself. :)

  8. Looks great! The yellow and red were a great choice.

  9. Love your version! And I really like your quilting! I've never thought about wavy circle pattern like that! Very effective!

  10. I love that you totally went for it and created such a big quilt! The two cross cut colours are great!

  11. The first rendition was so great that I almost didn't want you to cut it up either Kathy. But Wowzers! I LOVE the way it looks now even more! And that back is as beautiful as the front! Great feather appliques :)! Great fabric choices too!

  12. OMG Kathy I LOVE this!! I'm with Lara and you at the beginning as to noooo...don't cut it up! But it turned out even more fabulous! And that BACK!!! I love cool backings and this one is one of the best going. You've got my vote in that category fo sho!

  13. I like your cross cut quilt, and I think I'd be like you not sure if I want to cut it. I like how it turned out and the back is good.

  14. I love your quilt - very brave to cut up a quilt. I love the back too.

  15. Gorgeous quilt! That color combination is a favorite of mine.