Wednesday, March 15, 2017


This is the final week for Persimon Dreams' Project Quilting challenge for 2017.
This will be my third entry for this year's challenges. 3 out of 6 ain't too bad!

This week the theme is "Time Is Up!"  Always open to one's interpretation, I chose to look at my pile of scrap rail blocks that I'd been stitching up. I had quite a pile of them, but no real project in mind to use them. I was afraid that soon they'd get stashed into a bag and thrown into the closet where other once-loved projects go.

Once I heard the theme for this week, I said, "Time is up for those babies!"

I laid them out into a pleasing arrangement.  Then switched them around once or a hundred times.

I'd been wanting a sewing machine cover for my second machine and
I found that I had almost enough blocks here to make one!
Talk about being "a few blocks short"....
but that's another story!

Chain stitching began
Gotta save TiME!

I even used up scraps of batting by Frankenstein-ing them together.

TiME to use up that batting!

I found an ugly piece of fabric in my stash that I've often wondered why I bought it.
It's in the color line of Putrid.

Perfect TiME to use the Putrid Fabric!

I practiced my loop de loop FMQ on this piece.
Was looking good til a piece of the Putrid Fabric got doubled up and stitched over.

Got NO time for that!

A bit of a close-up of the FMQ going down on the back.

This took more TiME than I thought it would.

Fast forward to the scrappy binding.
TiME to use those leftover pieces of binding from previous projects! 
I even used selvages to use as loops on the sides.
A bit of Fray Check helped to keep the threads in line.

You can see my other machine to the rear right covered in a scrappy cover too.

It was TiME for this machine to get a decent dress!
Doesn't she look pretty?

The final 3-layer project measures 22"x26"
and was made in  my home in Dubuque, Iowa.

Thank you to Crazy Mom Quilts for the excellent tutorial to make these blocks!

Be sure to pop over there starting Sunday, March 19th to vote for your favorite projects!


  1. That turned out beautiful. I have been wanting a cover for my machine too but the fitted ones seem so hard to get accurate sizing. I like the style you used. Maybe I will use some pretty scraps to make one too. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. I love this and what better use for that fabric and those blocks! Looks sooo pretty!

  3. I love this too, thank you for the inspiration! I must make time for this, my sewing room needs a bt of cheer. Are your blocks 3" finished?

  4. lol! I love your take on the challenge! Bravo!

  5. I enjoyed reading your post and watching you turn some scrap blocks into a lovely sewing machine cover. Very clever.