Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pieced HSTs for Postcard From Sweden quilt

One of my goals for 2017 is to  make the Postcard From Sweden quilt. It's a quilt I've long admired since I first saw it on Pinterest. When Myra from Busy Hands Quilts posted about a quilt along late last year, I knew I had to hop aboard!

Life was a bit busy at the beginning of March when she started the quilt along, so I was behind for the first link-up. That meant double-duty for me to catch up!

I had plenty of solids to choose from in my stash.
Most are Bella and Kona solids with a few orphans thrown in.

I narrowed it down to what I  needed.

Always, always wishing I had a few more purples. Sigh.

Here are my HSTs after cutting.

Each color pile was assigned a number and was set in formation like pointy little soldiers
awaiting their call of duty. Soon, they'd get assigned their partners!

All stitched into blocks and labeled according to rows.

These are my leftover triangles. I know they'll make a pretty project...someday.

edited to add: I was late to the link-up! Shoot!


  1. Great catching up. I love those HSTs just waiting their turn for the next step.

  2. With all that done, you'll be ready for the next link up.

  3. I adore this quilt. I wanted so badly to join in but it's not possible right now. Look forward to seeing everyone's quilts!