Sunday, July 30, 2017

One-of-a-Kind Birthday Cards

July is a popular month for birthdays in my crowd. 
What better way to make a birthday person feel loved than make them a unique card?

The card ideas in this post aren't entirely mine, unfortunately. I found similar cards on Pinterest, so I tweaked the idea to work for me.

Making cards with fabric also helps me find a use for those 
fabric scraps that seem to pile up! Yeah!

So, ---28-- above was sent to my husband's niece in Utah.
With 2 youngsters and a long way from home, I figured she needed a special card.
I hardly remember turning 28. (That was a long time ago.)

Then I made a --70-- card for my dear friend, Joan. She threw herself an incredible party with catered food, a band, and flowing wine bottles! She deserved a special card. 

The last card I made was for my incredible friend, Carolyn, who turned 55 right after returning from a trip to Africa. She has a doctorate degree and teaches at a local college. She took a group of students to Kenya on a mission trip to build a school library.
She certainly deserved a special card!

I love making these cards, especially when I have the urge to be creative. I
t's a quick fix for me. 

OK, so if you've made this far, I'm about to tell you that one commenter will win a card of their choosing! You choose the number and color palette (my scraps may define that) and I'll make you a card to send to someone who deserves it! 

All you need to do is tell me what birthday has been most special to you
....and what made it special.

Example: My 19th birthday was most special to me because I met my husband-to-be! 

I'll randomly choose a winner on the evening of Tuesday, August 1st.
Edited: This contest has ended and the winner has been contacted!

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  1. I've had many special birthdays, but, I had one un-special one (I know, not what you asked from us). My 40th birthday was not special. Hubby was already in Illinois, and I was still in Tulsa, with our young sons, trying to sell our house. I seldom cry (only at movies) and when I realized that I would be spending my 40th birthday apart from hubby, I cried and cried. I realized it while driving to a Sunday school Christmas party, and arrived with red eyes and runny nose. Hubby found out, and, to try to make my birthday special, he arraigned for a surprise birthday party for me, with our Sunday school class. I knew we were supposed to have a class party at a pizza place, but, I didn't know that hubby had got people to get a cake, balloons, etc. for my birthday. It was special, but, still sad, since hubby couldn't be there. That was 14 birthdays ago. My next birthday, I'll be waiting for my first grandchild to be born (less than 2 weeks later). THAT will be a special birthday!

  2. These cards are fabulous, thanks for sharing a great idea. I think probably turning 31 was the most special for me because so much happened that year. My birthday is in January and I became engaged just before it, got married in the March, and had a Christmas baby. x

  3. My 35 th birthday was so special because I had a baby girl right after it. We get to celebrate our birthdays together every year.

  4. Oh these cards are so cute!! Number 13 was the one I remember most. All my friends got to come for a sleepover and we thought it was so great the counter was full of Totinos pizza (ya lol). I got the album "Grease". Thought I'd hit the lottery :)

  5. These are gorgeous, what a lovely little way to try out this technique too. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing with #HandmadeMonday

    1. Hi Kathy, I just popped by again to let you know your lovely cards are one of the features at this weeks Handmade Monday :-)

  6. Well crap, but I am SO FAR behind in email and visiting blogs, that I missed your giveaway! I just love these cards! I will definitely be making one for my grandson, with whom I've become penpals (his words) this summer...his mum gets all the mail, he once said with an eye roll, and I thought okay, we need to fix that... Thank you for linking this up with my DrEAMi! and for the inspiration! As for special birthday, my 3rd comes to mind: I spent it in England, with my mum and my little sister, (my mum's home) and my birthday is April 3rd, and 3 is my favourite number. :-)