Sunday, February 11, 2018

Bold and Brave–Challenge 3 of Project QULITING Season 9

This week's challenge at Persimon Dreams was to take Bold and Brave by the horns and complete a project in a week.
I'm not usually a bold person, but by golly, I sure am a brave one!
I've conquered many fears in my years on this planet and I needed to conquer one more this week!

Enter the Orange Peel Template! I bought this set over a year ago and needed to kick my apprehension aside and dig in!
I also needed to make a Galentine's gift for this coming week,
so I merged the two thoughts and got going!

Several years ago, I made this piece of art that hangs in my sewing room. I found the inspiration for it on pinterest.... a hole that I often get lost in.
Back then, I simply cut the "leaves" from scrapbooking paper by hand without a template and glued them down on a painted canvas. 
Looking more closely this week, those leaves really looked like "orange peel" shapes!

I was cooking with gas now! I brought out the rest of the Riley Blake Raspberry Parlour jelly roll that I used for my Valentine Pillow and chose the lightest strips for the background fabric. Sewing those strips together and then cutting up again to make a patchwork top was easy as pie and a quick sew. (Many apologies for the poor lighting!)

All ready for quilting!
I used a lightweight craft batting which I feel is perfect for table runners. 
Using a soft pink thread, I quilted using straight lines on each side of the seams. 

I failed to take photos of the pile of petals I had cut, but I have lots leftover for another snowy day project.
All petal fabric came from my stash (yeah!) and was backed using
Lara Buccella's Crafted Applique: New Possibilities technique.
(Please come back, Lara...we miss you!)
I love her technique as the edges will not ravel.

I played with the petals FOREVER getting a look I was pleased with. 

Then I sewed them down using my walking foot and a straight stitch
around the inside edge of each petal. 

Notice that one purple petal? 
That's purely intentional. 
It's a sign that I was there!

I used Riley Blake's Lovebug Love Script for the binding. 

Some lucky friend of mine will go home with this table topper this week! 
I ~almost~ hate to part with it!

OK, I'm lying. I want this for  myself. 

Measuring 31" x 18" .
Made in my home in Dubuque, Iowa.
3 layers of material, with applique on top. 

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