Sunday, February 25, 2018

Mellow Yellow Challenge 4 of Project Quilting Season 9

"Mellow Yellow" was the next challenge at Persimon Dreams Project Quilting.

It wasn't in my plans to get involved in this one.

I have a lot of excuses.

  • I wasn't feeling inspired. 
  • I don't have a lot of yellow in my stash.
  • My work schedule was pretty heavy last week.
  • Yellow always reminds me of a former colleague who loved yellow. She said it made her happy. She was anything but happy. She was a royal PIA. And downright mean!

But then, late last week, a secretary at one of the schools I work at said she had a new grand-daughter. I asked her if I could make the baby a bib with her name on it. The secretary was thrilled that I'd asked and she'd love anything "girly" as an applique.

My first thought was to make a yellow bib! Could I make that girly enough?

I dug through my stash and forced some yellows together until I got 2 fabrics that I liked.

I strolled through my plethora of machine applique designs and settled on a layered flower from BabyKay Appliques. Then I pulled scraps and coordinating threads to make the applique.

It was coming together. Still that "girly" thought nagged at me.

Kinda like that ol' colleague of mine.

I mixed a few fonts together to get a sweet scrolly, girly look. This would work OK.

Here is the design and name loaded onto my machine.

During the machine applique process...

Notice I even have the mellow yellow pin thing going on??

You can imagine what song I had strumming through my head, too! "They call me......" 

Lining up my bib template and ready to cut!

A pink ric-rac trim was added along the seam line before stitching to the terry cloth backing. Definitely girly.

I may have to re-think my feelings about yellow.

I am kinda in love with it! It makes me happy! 

Madison's bib measures 9" x 13"
It includes applique
It was made in my home in Dubuque, Iowa

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  1. I'm glad you found some inspiration! I have to laugh about your coworker who "loved" yellow! What a sweet bib!

  2. This is wonderful! The combination of fabrics, the choice of threads for the applique, the font, the rick rac, it not only screams girly it screams professional. If I'd gotten this as a gift for my baby, I might have put it aside it's so pretty. Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.

  3. I'm sorry I didn't get over here to visit you mellow yellow project. I loved it and just didn't tell you so. I had trouble with inspiration in yellow too, but you really overcame it and make a super sweet bib.

  4. The bib is wonderful! Do you use standard towel terry for the backing of your bibs?