Saturday, January 26, 2019

Red White & Blue: Project Quilting Challenge 10.2

Red, white and January? 
Well, that's the theme for this week's Project Quilting.

It's been so cold here in Iowa this past week that school was held only 1/2 of ONE day! 
Early dismissals and late arrivals, plus 2 cancellations due to snow and wind chills. 
Now more snow is on the way.

With no school, I had time to play with my red, white and blue scraps!

Surely, I could come up with some idea to put these to use!

I started with creating a feather.

But I didn't like it.


I played with some scrappy triangles.


But once I started just sewing strips around a hexagon, I was a happy girl!

I went on to make 2 more square blocks.

I added Insulbrite as the middle layer so I could use them as pot holders.

Even if it is -5 degrees outside as I write this, 
I'm already looking forward to July when I can put these to good use! 

Such scrappy, patriotic fun.

Made in my home in Dubuque, Iowa.

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  1. I love that you shared all the things you tried before finding what you wanted. These are adorable!