Saturday, January 7, 2017

Eight is Great! Project Quilting 8.1

Above is my project for the first week of the

This first challenge was named "Eight is Great".
I was stumped for two days on what to do.
Eight? Eight what?

Well, as I thought, I realized that there are 8 steps to every quilting project!! Who knew, right?

1. The Need/Desire

My need AND desire was to partake in this challenge.
I enjoy a good challenge and love getting involved in a blog challenge!

2. Inspiration

Since I was literally dumbfounded for an idea,
I spent some time
searching through my books and magazines and pinterest.
With the theme Eight is Great, I was inspired to create a post  and project to describe the 8 steps of creating a quilt. 

3. Creating/Choosing a Pattern

I found several blocks and projects that
included an 8 pointed star.
Could I make an 8 pointed star?
I had a diamond template.

But it wasn't the right angle to make 8 in a circular pattern.
My math genius husband came to my rescue.
He made me a template that worked! Yeah!

4. Pulling Fabrics

Now that I had my idea and template,
I needed to find the perfect fabrics!

Selvages!!! Selvages to the rescue!

5. The Making Process

I began with a thin white fabric scrap and
started sewing my selvages onto it in rows.
Sewing these together gave me so many other ideas...
I loved the look!

I used my template to cut out 8 diamonds,
tracing the shape on the back.

I began sewing them together and the
magic started to appear!

I made a purple patchwork background
to show off the light colored star.

**These fabrics were all used in my classrooms as bulletin board backgrounds. I was happy to give them a purpose!

I quilted with a simple cross-hatch.

The star was treated with Lara's Crafted Applique technique, then stitched to the patchwork background
using a zig-zag stitch.

6. The Finish

Now that the major part of the work was done,
it was time to add the binding.
I also added pockets and bands to the back for hanging.

To the very center, I added 3 sweet buttons
shaped like spools of thread!

7. Sharing

What fun is it to make something and not share it?
If it's not going to be gifted to someone,
it must be shared on social media, right?

This pretty star is being shared here on my blog,

8. Enjoyment/Admiration

It will forever hang on my sewing room wall to remind me of the joy every sewing and quilting project brings me.

My 8 Points of Quilting Star measures 19" x 19".
It was made in my Dubuque, Iowa home.
It contains patchwork, applique and 3 layers.

Stay tuned for voting starting on Sunday, January 8!!


  1. I enjoyed reading your 8 steps to finishing a really lovely quilt! Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is a fun project, I really like the buttons. x

  3. Great idea for the challenge and your project is wonderful... every time you glance up at it, your eye will catch a selvedge and the memory of a quilted project will come to mind!! i also like how you paired this theme with 8 steps to quilting!! Perfect! 👌🏻

  4. Such a great project, it will look nice in the sewing room


  6. Loved following the eight steps to make a quilt! Love everythign about this!

  7. i love to see the progress of a quilt, reading its story. thank you for sharing.

    p.s. always wanted to make a bias quilt thingy

  8. What a great quilt! Would you (and your hubby) consider giving out the template? I could see making one, in bed size, using strings. What a fun quilt!