Thursday, January 5, 2017

Where'd She Go?

After 31 consecutive days of blogging,
I used my "Get Out of Blog Free" card!
Blogging daily was not an easy challenge,
but it did get easier as time went by.

I've still got ideas rolling around in my head to post about. There's still time for those.

But since Dec. 31st, I've been crazy busy with working, de-Christmassing the house, and starting a new sewing project. The Lattice Quilt is temporarily put to the side.

This is my second year partaking in the
Project Quilting Challenges.

Project Quilting Season 8 by Persimon Dreams started on January 1st and will run through March 19.
Every 2 weeks, a new theme is announced and projects must be completed and linked up in one week.
The following week, viewers get to vote!
Of course, prizes are involved. Sweet, huh?

This week's challenge is: Eight is Great
Submissions are due on January 8th

Since my project isn't finished yet,
I thought I'd offer some teasers...

It involves selvages. I've kept them for years and look for ways to use them up!

This turned out so cool that I hated to....

Diamond templates are used.
My talented husband used his math skills
to make what I needed.

My favorite color is used too!
Each of these fabrics were used as bulletin board
backgrounds from my teaching days.

I hope to have this project finished tomorrow.
Then I'll get it linked up to Persimon Dreams.

In the meantime, Miss Sophie has been
keeping herself comfortable.


  1. Looks like you've got a lot of fun stuff in the works.

  2. That's a lot of quilting days, looks like you need a break.