Sunday, February 20, 2022

Project Quilting 13.4: Mining for Diamonds

This week's challenge for Project Quilting was Mining for Diamonds. 
Kim Lapacek at Persimon Dreams always allows participants to interpret the challenge in their own personal way, as long as it's explained or obvious to the theme. 

I started out with a completely different project that is now in my WIP/UFO/WhenTheHellWillItGetDone pile. Photo later. 

So it was Saturday at 3:00 PM and I was nervous, anxiety-ridden, and a bit mad at myself. 
I pulled the RSC colors from my stash...February is teal/aqua/turqoise...
whatever you fancy calling this color, 
along with some coordinating low volume fabrics.

Then I went on a search for directions on how to make half-square rectangles. 
In my haste, I fudged following the full set of steps.
With only me to blame, I ended up with no seam allowance on the sides of my diamonds. 

I've never been known to name my quilting projects, 
but this one is not-so-affectionately being called
Kissing Diamonds. (Can you hear me sobbing?)

By 4:00, I was in quilting mode and doing my favorite, quick, simple stippling.
No time for anything fancy!

A break was needed to clear my head and fill my tummy.
By 6:00, I was ready to bind. 

Kissing Diamonds was complete!

I placed the hand-carved Humpback Whale we bought in Hawaii up next to the bird. 

The little bird makes me smile. At least something does about this piece! 

Measuring 8.5" by 15.5", it's just the right size for something! 😍

Still curious about the project I started with? 

It's a big ol' table runner made with batik scraps in a log-cabin-ish diamond. 


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Project Quilting: Mining for Diamonds


  1. I love your Kissing Diamonds! I also like your log cabinish table runner.

  2. oops. Sometimes though, mistakes make new designs. Perfect name. I also love and love making any shape log cabin style.

  3. I love your project! And that you put the whale on it ;) It's perfect! I like your first start too :)

  4. Kathy, your kissing diamonds make me smile. The mat gives your whale a beautiful clear water setting. The color is so pretty. Oh, I really love your first diamond project. The diamonds look great in a log cabin style. I hope that project doesn’t have to linger too long. Wink wink