Monday, February 28, 2022

RSC February: Teal (or aqua or turquoise)


This month Rainbow Scrap Challenge called for all scrappers to get out 
their teal/aqua/turquoise fabrics. 

Even though I really like this color, I don't have too many scraps. 
What I did have, I "made" my own fabric to cut out hearts. 

Making my own fabric from scraps is quite therapeutic, but not always pretty.
Improv is the perfect vacay for my brain.

This piece was just enough to cut out 4 hearts. 

They are now ready for their transformation!
Kinda like going to the beauty shop.

Out come the beads, the lace, the buttons, the ribbon 
and all the bits and bobs needed to change Plain Jane to a Ravishing Beauty!

Each heart will be attached to a special tag
and placed out in the world
to be found by someone special.
May they be filled with love and blessings.

Read more about this awesome project here: 

Also, earlier this month, I made a small table topper using the RSC color. 
I combined the color with the Project Quilting Challenge "Mining For Diamonds".

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  1. Super cute projects, Kathy!! Are some of the hearts stuffed more than the others? I have a friend who is doing that same project in Greenville, NC. Thanks for linking up with the February 2022 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge!

  2. Awwww, you got them made, and a LOT of them. Precious with sweet embellishments. Teal is a great color for this project.

  3. Teal/Aqua is such a pretty color. Your hearts look so pretty. They sure did get dressed up to the nines. Lucky finders of these hearts!

  4. That looks like a lot of hearts to me! What a lovely idea...they will be treasured I am sure.

  5. How cute are those hearts?!?! When you "put them out into the world" for someone to find, do you put a note with them? That is such a lovely idea.