Friday, December 9, 2016

Hand-Made Cards

Do you ever want to make something special for a friend or loved  one,
but don't have time for a large project?

Sew up a card!

I buy plain cardstock sets found at any craft store.
Sets include multiple blank cards and envelopes.
A variety of colors are available, or ivory or white.

Use a scalloped scissors to cut a fancy edge.
Stickers are fun too!

Cut out the shapes from fabric and sew them onto fabric or directly to the card.
This is a great use of scraps, even those tiny ones!

I save all of my well-used sewing machine needles for making cards.
The cardstock paper dulls a needle quickly,
so this is a perfect use for old needles!

It's also a great excuse to play with those fancy stitches on your machine!

Use a non-bleeding pen to write a verse, poem or saying.

Or just go with strips of fabric sewn directly onto the cardstock.
Add a sweet ribbon or quote.

Or, if you're feeling like trying out some new pens and paints,
try drawing!

Your friends will love them!

(All of these cards have been made by me!)

*Day 9 of 31 Days of Blogging Challenge


  1. I have done a few Holiday cards last year. I mainly tried hand embroidery. Quite a few years ago, I started a Fabric Postcard Exchange on my blog. Quite a few quilters, even several from overseas, joined in and we had a blast. Seeing the types of cards that you have made has really sparked my interest and I am going to have to pull out my Blank Card Stock and create some Christmas Cards! Now the question is, where did I put it? LOL. Thank you so much for sharing and for inspiring me to create once again! Have a fantastic creative day!

  2. This is so cute! What a great idea :)