Monday, December 26, 2016

Nana's Hankies

My mom was known as "Nana" to my children. She passed away suddenly in November of 2009 at the age of 88. She was healthy as a horse and had just put a meatloaf in the oven of her own home when she collapsed. She loved to cook, bake, play bingo, read and watch Wheel of Fortune!
She also loved her kids...all 8 of 'em.

As I cleaned out her closet and dresser drawers in weeks following, I came across a small pile of delicate hankies. I remembered Mom using them in her younger days, probably before the softer tissues came into production.

Anyway, I had these hankies saved in a box in my sewing room, thinking I could do something with them. I came across a quilt on pinterest that had been made using hankies. Of course, I didn't have enough of them to make a whole quilt, but I could use part of them to make a table runner, right? My creative juices were in gear!

So, I chose just the purple-flowered hankies for this project. Purple is my color.
I cut out the flowers in squares that I could use.

I went through my stash to gather some low-volume fabrics. I wanted these hanky flowers to be the star of the show!

Then I just improv-ed my way around the hanky pieces and sewed on and on, thinking about my sweet mom. Apparently, I thought about her too much as I sewed, because I ended up with a table runner that is now 5 feet long! Holy crap!


The back is pieced with some of the  low-volume fabrics.


I quilted large petals around each hanky piece to make it look like a large flower.
Then stipple stitched the rest.
I love the puckery goodness of it!

Above, are photos of the back where you can
see the flower stitching.

It's one of my favorite pieces!
Nana would be happy.

*Day 26 of 31 Days of Blogging Challenge


  1. Thank-you SO much for the idea. A friend asked me to take a box of her Mother's hankies and make "A" pillow. How do you choose from a dozen or so to make a pillow. This might be an idea she'd be interested in seeing. I'll share it with her. I love your quilting. Wish I was that good.

  2. This is such a beautiful idea. x

  3. So lovely. And something that will make your mum pop into mind every time you use it. Don't be surprised when the rest of your siblings want one too.
    E xx