Sunday, December 11, 2016

Picture This! Sunday...yup, more snow!

Living in Iowa, there's always gonna be snow. I still like it, but it's only December.

The tree is the front yard is decorated with these big ornaments.
A neighbor guy always makes crap out of it.
It doesn't stop me...I just add more each year.

The table on the deck is so pretty covered in snow!

We have about 6" now and it's still coming down.

I have a feeling school may be delayed tomorrow. :)

We decorated the mailbox this year.

I joked that it looks more like a "pinterest fail", but oh well.
The neighbor guy had comments on this too.

What a Scrooge.

Sophie was out helping to clean off the deck.

She has no idea how adorable she looks in her Christmas coat!

I hope you're enjoying the weather wherever you are!

*Day 11 of the 31 Days of Blogging Challenge


  1. Your pooch is adorable 💕 Our snow is accumulating too! I'd rather have that than rain!! With that said though, I'm not enjoying our frigid temperatures...-25°C last night!! Yikes!!

  2. Sophie steals the whole show in her Christmas coat!

  3. Good Evening Kathy! No matter what your neighbor thinks or says, I think all of your Christmas decorations are lovely! Except for Sophie; she is just down right adorable in her special Christmas Coat! My miniature Poodle, Mr. Shakes, does not like his new heavy coat for winter. I will have to make him something adorable like Sophies. Now my 80 pound 1/2 Boxer, 1/2 Golden Retriever really likes her new winter coat. Her name is Miss Dodger. Sorry, I am a talker and enjoy sharing. So, again thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day.

  4. HA! That stupid neighbor doesn't know what's fun and pretty! Stupid! No limit to it.
    That Christmas coat is so very adorable on your pup!!!
    LeeAnna in not snowy Maryland