Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Practicing FMQ

I have great admiration for those who are skilled FMQers.
I have tried. Then tried some more.
It's far from what I'd like it to be.

Above is my practice "quilt" that I've tried out different stitches and designs. It ain't all pretty!

It's a simple sandwich using muslin on top and bottom and a sheet of felt in between. I just sewed along all 4 sides to keep the layers together.  I'm not sure of the size, but it's very easy to handle and can hold a lot of "testing".


I don't think I'll ever attempt the classic FMQ "feathers".
I can barely handle the simple meandering design!

I'd rather meander through a fabric shop, or even along the beach. I find it stressful...the FMQ kind.

Miss Sophie doesn't give a hoot about Free Motion Quilting.
I need to be more like her and just relax.

*Day 20 of 31 Days of Blogging Challenge


  1. Hello to Iowa from Idaho! Do you get a lot of people mixing up our states? :) I like your FMQ! It has its own unique style. I'll bet anybody who got a quilt made by you with your FMQ will not be whining about the quilting, they will be LOVING that you made something for them!

  2. I love the look of your testing! It reminds me of an artist sketch pad. I would bind that and put it on the wall! I am still in the practicing stages of my FMQ, but am improving every project I do. You will get there. Just remember to relax. :)

  3. I think that your "Practice" free motion quilting is quite beautiful compared to what mine looks like....especially from the back side! LOL. I get in the mood once in awhile and give it a try, but I prefer that wonderful walking foot! It was enjoyable to read your post and see your results while enjoying your humor and attitude! Thank you for sharing! Have a fantastic creative day!

  4. I agree - FMQ looks pretty (when you can do it right without eyelashes everywhere) but I find it super stressful. I'd much rather be playing in the fabric pulling corner, or at my cutting table.
    That said, yours looks very pretty :-)
    E xx